About the breed

West Highland White Terrier

is one of the most recognizable and popular dogs. Today we meet him as a companion and a fellow. We almost forgot about his past because of his attractive outlook but we can’t forget about it, thus, thru all decades Westie preserves original terrier character. Even he is a small dog he needs to be socialized and train in right manners if not then we got a little spoiled barker. As all terriers even Westie need an owner that will be patient and consistent at the same time. In other ways every weakness will turn into his benefit.

Westie is a great companion and he loves to be in the center of attention. Although you will think that he sleeps over the most day but is an active dog which loves long walks and playing in company of other dogs and people. In forests and on fields his terrier soul gets out. To children Westie is usually retained and draws back to them. He can be a good friend with other domestic animals if he is properly socialized and trained.

Although he was bred for working on countryside he is a great companion in urban environment too. He just needs enough exercise as long walks. Westie doesn’t need lot of space because is a rather small dog. Westie will be to the joy for anyone that doesn’t want lot of fur around the apartment, because he doesn’t loose hairs. Coat care is not too pretentious it’s enough to grooms it on a weekly base and on two or three months go to the professional dog groomer to trim coat.

Life expectancy is around 15 years and is a relatively health breed. At proper breeding we can avoid skin allergies which are pretty common for breeds with white coat.

Fédération Cynologique Int.


Cynological Association of Slovenia


Slovenian Terrier Club