About the breed

Sealyham Terrier

is a hunter by nature since he was bred to hunt badgers, rats, mink, etc. . , but today is first and foremost an excellent companion. Sealyhams are extreme in attaching on to their pack and they enjoy the company of their people. Among the dogs considered to be particularly loyal to his humans. They have no problems with other dogs in the pack thus in the past they were used to work in a pack. Our home with Sealyham terrier could include other pets such as cats. With them could live in perfect harmony. They are very understanding to the children, of course, if they didn’t have bad experiences in youth. How will react to other people, especially on the visitors it depends how dog was treated at early socialization.

The specialty of this breed is that the period of “childishness” is very long and takes several years before Sealy becomes an adult, mature dog and calm down. Therefore lovers of this breed with reason call them clown dogs, because with their pranks and ideas make us laugh daily. Is highly flexible dog, he will be satisfied as with long walks in nature, as well as with napping on the couch at rainy days. The second scenario is not recommend because we quickly have the lazy dog that would more like warm couch than the fresh air outside. It is an intelligent dog that learns quickly and will from time to time put you and your authority to the test. In such cases, it is appropriate to criticize him, but always we need to be fair and consistent, because Sealy is very resentful if he considers that he was being wrong treated. Because of their intelligence very quickly bored, so we can say that this is a dog who doesn’t want to “look up “. Especially if you leave him alone for several hours, we have to employ him with mental or interactive toys or give him the company of other dogs.

Care for Sealy isn’t demanding. It requires only a weekly combing and bathing if necessary. Sealy advantage lies in the fact that, despite the undercoat leaves very little hair around the apartment. But it is necessary to take a trim every 2-3 months, which can do for you an experienced dog groomer. Sealyham Terriers are generally healthy breed, so their life expectancy is from 13 to 15 years.

Fédération Cynologique Int.


Cynological Association of Slovenia


Slovenian Terrier Club