Sealyham Terrier

Sojus Highflyer

Sojus Highflyer 2Our first Sealyham Terrier Fly in our lives stepped in spring 2009 and became the most successful representative of breed in Slovenia. Her first litter was born in 2011 and was one of the few in Slovenia at all times. Puppies from her litters are going straight forward by succesful mother’s steps. For this outstanding female we could give thanks the breeder Anna Louise Nygard-Carøe from Kennel Sojus in Denmark. On the cover of the September edition of Kinolog (Slovenian Kennel’s Magazine) in 2012 was our Fly. She is recognized by her beautiful head and excellent pigmentation.

* Pedigree
* DNA certificate for Primary Lens Luxation (PLL)

Achieved CH – titles CH-INT.; International Beauty Champion
*J.CH – SLO *CH – SLO *CH – BG
– Karawanken winner 2013 (SLO) *CH – A *CH – CY
– Champion of The Meditteranean 2012 (SLO) *CH – HR *CH – MD
– Slovenian Champion 2012 *CH – RMS *CH – GEO
– Junior Club Winner SLO 2010 *CH – MKD *CH – Grand champion GEO
– Champion of Federation Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) *CH – MNE *CH – AZ
– Champion of Serbian Republic (BiH) *CH – SRB
– Champion of Balkan *CH – BIH

Inini Gregorjanska

Inka was born in 2011 in our I litter. Because she was a very promising puppy we decided that she will stay at home. So now she is a company for her mother Fly and Westies. She is very sociable and playful. She the most enjoys in long walks with other dogs. She also is very successful in shows and she walks after mother’s steps.

* Pedigree
* DNA certificate for Primary Lens Luxation (PLL)
* Eye examination certificate
* Certificate Of knee joints

Achieved CH – titles CH-INT.; International Beauty Champion
*J.CH – HR *CH – Grand Champion SLO
– Winter Winner 2014 (SLO) *CH – HR
– Slovenian Winner 2014 *CH – SRB
– Karawanken Winner 2013 (SLO) *CH – Grand Champion SRB
– Slovenian Winner 2013 *CH – BIH
– SKT TOP 10 (3. place) 2013 *CH – CY
– KZS TOP 20 (14. place) 2013 *CH – GEO
– Zagreb Junior Winner 2012 (CRO) *CH – A
– Champion of Federaton Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH)
– Champion of Serbian Republic (BiH)
– SKT TOP 10 (4. place) 2014

Fédération Cynologique Int.


Cynological Association of Slovenia


Slovenian Terrier Club