Litter X

West Highland White Terrier

Born on: 23.04.2021 3 m / 1 ž

Super Doni Dei Melograni

Quilla Gregorjanska

Xevioso Gregorjanski – male

Xewioso – Thunder god. Ewe.  [Benin, West Africa]. Depicted as a ram accompanied by an ax, he is also perceived as a fertility deity whose thunder and lightning are accompanied by rain.

Xipe Totec Gregorjanski – male

Xipe Totec  (our lord the flayed one) – Vegetation god. Aztec (classical Mesoamerican) [Mexico].  a moajor deity of the Mesoamerican pantheons. the red avatara of the sun god TEZCATLIPOCA (see also MIXCOATL-CAMAXTLI). god of spring and a symbol of the annual renewal of vegetation. Often represented in ritual by a priest wearing the flayed skin of a human sacrifice, seen to be the new vegetation of the earth which emerges after the rains. The skin was worn for twenty-one days. Xipe Totec is also the tutelary god of precious metallurgists, including goldsmiths.

Xochipilli Gregorjanski – male

Xochipilli (‘flower-prince’) – Old mexican god pf flowers and games, and, in addition, one of the 13 watchmen of the hours of the day. The design painted on his face resembles a butterfly. In one specific form he appears under the name of Macuilxochitl  (‘five – flower’). He holds a staff whose point is sunk into a human heart (symbol of life).

Xilonen Gregorjanska – female

Xilonen – Minor vegetation goddess. Aztec (classical Mesoamerican) [Mexico]. An aspect of the maize goddess Chicomecoatl, personifying the young maize plant.

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