Litter W

Sealyham Terrier

Born on: 23.09.2020 2 m / 1 ž

Agent 007 from Buggy Beetle

Gordost Otechestva ot Pimenoff

Wai Gregorjanski – male

Wai – Sun god. Ntomba [Democratic Republic of Congo, central Africa]. Probably originating as a god of hunters who protects and controls the animals in the forest. He has a son, Mokele.  

Wi Gregorjanski – male

Wi – The sun-god of the Sioux Indians. He was supposed to be omniscient, and the defender of those who were brave and loyal. Among the animals, the bison was particularly closely associated with him; indeed, it was often regarded as a manifestation of the god himself. His daughter was the beautiful → Whope.     

Whope Gregorjanska – female

Whope  – Goddess. Among the Sioux Indians, the daughter of the sun-god → Wi, and wife of the south wind. She came to earth one day and visited the Sioux people, to whom she brought the pipe as a symbol of peace. But the pipe is also supposed to be an intermediary between humans and → Wakan Tanka.

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