Litter V

West Highland White Terrier

Born on: 24.01.2020 3 m / 1 ž

Super Doni Dei Melograni

Rheia Gregorjanska

Vali Gregorjanski – male

Vali – God. Nordic (Icelandic). One of the sons of OTHIN (ODIN), his mother is RIND. A hardened, bold warrior and an excellent shot. He slew HODER and thus avenged the death of BALDER. One of the survivors of Ragnarok destined to live in the land which replaces Asgard, Idavoll. Also Ali.

Vili Gregorjanski – male

Vili – God. Nordic (Icelandic). Listed by Snorri in Prose Edda as one of the sons of Bori and, among the gods of Asgard, the brother of OTHIN (ODIN) and VE. The three gods are said to have made the land and sea out of the flesh and blood of the primeval giant Ymir. The proposed etymology of ‘will’ for Vili and ‘holiness’ for Ve (Gothic weihs) is not certain.

Vivasvan Gregorjanski – male

Vivasvan (shining) – Sun god. Hindu (Vedic and Puranic). The original Vedic list of six descendants of the goddess ADITI or ADITYAS, all of whom take the role of sun gods was, in later times, enlarged to twelve, including Vivasvan. One of his titles is the “embodiment of ancestral law.” His consort is SARANYU and he is identified as the father of YAMA and YAMI, as well as MANU and the ASVINS. His color is golden and his attributes a forest garland, two lotuses and a trident. Also Vivasvat.

Victoria Gregorjanska – female

Victoria – Roman goddess of victory, corresponding to the Greek → Nike. She had her own temple on the Palatine Hill in Rome. She was regarded as the maiden protector of the Roman Empire, and was often portrayed on coins.

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