Litter U

West Highland White Terrier

Born on: 23.11.2018 1 m / 2 ž

Super Doni Dei Melograni

Quilla Gregorjanska

Ull Gregorjanski – male

Ull(r) A north Germanic god, whose name may be connected with the Gothic word wulthus  = splendour. He is closely associated with the administration of justice (oaths were sworn over his ring) and he was invoked for protection in duels. He was reckoned to be a skilful archer and skier. On the one hand he has all the traits of a god of winter, but on the other he is connected with the forces of fertility, and in place-names his name is more often than not combined with words meaning ‘field’, ‘meadow’, etc. In myth, Ull is the son of → Sif and the stepson of → Thor.

Umā Gregorjanska – female

Umā In India, the personification of light and beauty; also venerated under the name of → Gaurī. She is the Devi (goddess) allotted to → Śiva, and, as such, can turn into → Durgā or → Pārvatī. The main centre of her cult is in Bengal.

Uni Gregorjanska – female

Uni Etruscan goddess, corresponding in terms of Greek myth to → Hera, and accordingly allocated to the sky-god → Tin. In addition, she was the tutelary goddess of Perugia. It is probable that the name Uni is not Etruscan, but connected with the Italic-Latin name Iuno (→ Juno).

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