Litter T

Sealyham Terrier

Born on: 14.12.2016 4 m

Gatekeeper Joseph Staff

Sojus Highflyer

Trigelawus Gregorjanski – male

Triglav (Trigelawus) A god of the Slav peoples who lived in the Baltic area; presumably, he had a warlike function. The name means ‘three-headed’, and according to medieval chronicles he was represented as three-headed at various sites in Stettin and Brandenburg. In Stettin he was regarded as the supreme god. Some sort of horse-oracle was connected with his cult. A south Slavonic god Triglav has also been postulated on many occasions, but there is no convincing evidence for this – in spite of the mountain with the same name in Slovenia.

Thor Gregorjanski – male

Thor (Old Saxon thunar: Donar, etymologically cognate with German Donner) Germanic god of thunderstorms and of fertility, belonging to the race of the Aesir (→ As); the son of → Odin and the divine personification of the earth (→ Jörd). He drives in a chariot drawn by two goats, and possesses the throwing-hammer Mjölnir. In the Edda, he is described as the strongest of all the gods whom he protects, along with the human race, against the giants. At Ragnarök, the twilight of the gods, he slays the → Midgard-snake, but is himself done to death in the moment of victory. It was to Thor that men turned for happiness in marriage, and for protection of herds and crops. His sacred tree was the oak (the Donar- oak at Geismar, felled by Boniface). The Romans took him to be equivalent to → Hercules or → Jupiter, and the fourth day of the week is named after him.

Tin Gregorjanski – male

Tin (Tinia) Etruscan sky-god, depicted sometimes bearded, sometimes unbearded, but always with a cluster of lightning flashes. His attributes may also include a spear or sceptre. The Romans equated Tin with → Jupiter.

Thot Gregorjanski – male

Thot (Dehuti) Ancient Egyptian god of the moon, of the calendar and of chronology. His attribute is writing materials or a palm-leaf (as a year/date marker). His ibis head identifies him as native to the delta, and in Hermopolis he soon fused with the figure of the peacock headed god → Hez-ur. In myth we are told how Thot searches for and finds the lost eye of the moon, which he heals with his spittle. Another tradition relates how Thot was born from the head of → Seth. He is ‘representative deputy of → Re’ and versed in very powerful magic skills. As protector of → Osiris he came to be seen as a guide and helper of the dead; and in due course this led to his identification with the Greek escort of souls → Hérmes.

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