Litter S

West Highland White Terrier

Born on: 6.05.2016 2 m / 1 f

Trčkov Dik

Hera Gregorjanska

Seb Gregorjanski – male

As the son of Shu and Tefnut, Seb was the Egyptian earth god. He was masculine, contrasting with the tradition that the guardian of the earth was usually female. Osiris, Isis, Seth, and Nephthys were his children and he was brother and husband to Nuit. In early Egyptian history, Seb was known as Geb or Keb, but in later forms of the language it became Seb. Seb’s sacred animal and symbol was the goose; he was often referred to as the “Great Cackler.” His skin was either green or black. The green represented the the color of living things and the black was the color of the fertile Nile mud. It was believed that Seb imprisoned wicked souls, so they couldn’t ascend to heaven.

Skan Gregorjanski – male

Skan The sky-god of the Sioux Indians. He was revered as the source of all power and strength and as the creator of the world, which he has ordered modulo 4. Skan is judge over the gods and over the souls of men.

Sita Gregorjanska – female

Sita An incarnation of the Indian goddess → Laksmi. By her own wish she was born from a freshly ploughed field – hence her name, which means ‘furrow’. She became the wife of → Rama. Abducted by the king of the → Raksas (→ Ravaja) she was, after her release, suspected of adultery, whereupon she returned to her mother earth.

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