Litter N

West Highland White Terrier

Born on: 20.09.2014 1 m / 1 f

Jamm Gregorjanski

Gula Gregorjanska

Nabu Gregorjanski – male

Nabu (Ancient Babylonian Nabium; in the Old Testament Nebo) Babylonian god of writing and of wisdom, the son of → Marduk and of → Sarpanitu. His attribute is the writing stylus. As scribe of the tablets of destiny, he occupied a high rank in the Babylonian pantheon. The city of Borsippa was the centre of his cult, as of that of his wife →Tammetu.

Nike Gregorjanska – female

Greek goddess mentioned first in Hesiod. She is the personification of victory which is given by → Zeus or by → Athená. She is mostly portrayed as a winged messenger of the gods, with lau¬rel wreath, girdle and palm-leaf. Her Roman counterpart is → Victoria.

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