Litter L

West Highland White Terrier

Born on: 09.04.2014 1 m / 2 f

Royal Legend of Surprise Westie

Cheryl Bílá amfora

Lares Gregorjanski – male

Lares Roman tutelary gods protecting the household and the family. The Lar familiaris was venerated at the hearth, and his image was set up in a small shrine (lararium). In the Empire period, the lares were imagined in the dual rather than the plural, as pairs of dancing youths, each of whom held up a wreath or a horn. The lares compitales were the tutelary gods of cross-roads, while the lares viales ensured a safe return for travellers.

Luna Gregorjanska – female

Luna (Latin moon) Roman goddess of the moon, whose chief temple was on the Aventine Hill. She was equated with the Greek → Seléne, and, like the latter, she took on traits of → Hekáte. Like → Sol, the sun-god, she was supposed to be the protector of charioteers in the circus ring.

Leda Gregorjanska – female

Leda In Greek myth, the mother of → Kastor and Polydeukes; also of → Heléne, after Zeus had mated with her in the form of a swan. It is possible that Leda developed from an ancient earth and mother goddess in Asia Minor; there was a Lycian word lada meaning ‘woman’.

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