Litter J

West Highland White Terrier

Born on: 09.05.2012 2 m / 1 f

Trčkov Dik

Cheryl Bílá amfora

Jamm Gregorjanski – male

Phoenician-Canaanite god of water, especially of the sea; one of his epithets makes him “Ruler river”. He presumed to claim a ruling position vis-à-vis the other gods, but was overcome by → Baal. According to one tradition, his consolation prize was the goddess Attart (→ Astarte) who became his bride.

Jarri Gregorjanski – male

Hittite god of plague and pestilence, who had to be placated when there was an outbreak. he had the epithet “lord of the bow”, and he could also figure as a god who helped monarch in battle.

Jörd Gregorjanska – female

(Old Icelandic = earth) North germanic goddess. In the Edda, Snorri describes her as at once the daughter and the wife of → Odin. Like → Fjörgyn, she is supposed to be the mother of → Thor.

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