Litter I

Sealyham Terrier

Born on: 24.09.2011 4 m / 2 f

Bussy Buddy Bingo Bango Buffalo

Sojus Highflyer

Ing Gregorjanski – male

Divine progenitor of the Germanic Ingwaeones who lived on the Baltic coast. The meaning of the word is not clear: “lance”, “yew” or even “man” have all been suggested. According to an Anglo-Saxon runic poem, the god ING seems to be connected with the eastern Danes, and corresponds to the Yngoi of the Scandinavian tradition. It is possible that the Vandals brought the cult of ING from their homeland in Sweden.

Inti Gregorjanski – male

The Inca sungod, the object of particular veneration along with the creator-god – Huiracocha. INTI was seen by the Inca rulers as their progenitor. He was represented by gold disc with a human face.

Inuus Gregorjanski – male

Old Latin god, invoked to protect herds; later, equated with – Faunus.

Io Gregorjanski – male

The chief god of the Maori people in New Zealand. Some of the statements made about him suggest Christian influence: thus, Kiho is “the eternal one”, “the omniscient”, “the god of love” and he who has created all things through “the word”. Only the priests and the high nobility knew anything about him, and his name might only be whispered in lonely places. On the Polynesian island of Mangaia, the word IO means something like “marrow”, “kernel”, and can also denote “god”.

Isis Gregorjanska – female

(Ese, in cuneiform Ešu) Egyptian goddess. In origin she was perhaps the personification of the throne, conceived as a (female) deity; and she bears on her head the determinant of the seat of authority. The myth tells how she sought out her dead brother and husband → Osiris from whom she received the child → Horus; she buried him and mourned him together with her sister → Nephthys. When, later, every dead person came to be identified with Osiris, she became protector of the dead. As “she who is rich in spells” (Urthekau) she was accepted into the world of magic and necromancy. From the Middle Kingdom onwards, her solar aspect is displayed in her epithet “eye of → Re”. In addition, she was Queen of Sirius, and Greek authors (e.g. Plutarch) interpreted her as a moongoddess. In the Hellenistic period, Isis became patron of sea-farers, and was given a rudder as attribute. She was, with very few exceptions, portrayed in human form; the cow´s horns and the sun disc she bears on her head she owes to coalescence with the figure of → Hator.

Inini Gregorjanska – female

(Inanna) Sumerian goddes of love and war. As Ninanna, she is the “Queen of heaven” and as Ninsianna she is the goddess of Venus. Her symbol is the reed-bundle, and this is also her determinant in the cuneiform script. She is described as the daughter of the sky-god → An, or of the moon-god → Nanna. Iconographically, Inanna belongs to the class of naked goddess, though oftenshe is shown with bright rays streaming out from her back. her Akkadian counterpart is → Ištar.

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