Litter H

West Highland White Terrier

Born on: 18.08.2010 1 f

Straus of Surprise

Cheryl Bílá amfora

Hera Gregorjanska – female

(Here) Greek goddess, daughter of → Kronos and of →Rheia, sister and wife of → Zeus, the king of the gods. She is mother of → Arés, →Hephaistos, → Eileithyia and of → Hébe. She keeps a jealous eye on her divine husband, whose amorous liaisons infuriate her. Hera was ivoked as the guardian of wedlock and she also figured as goddess of childbirth. In Athens and the island of Samos her union with Zeus was celebrated as “holy wedlock” (hieros gamos). She was a particular object of veneration for women, and her epithet was teleia, i.e. “she who brings fulfilment”. The main centre of her cult was in Argos, and hence she was also known as Argeia. Her sacred animal was the cow, and among her attributes were the peacock and the insignia of her stastus as queen of the gods, the diadem and sceptre. Her Roman counterpart was → Juno.

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