Litter G

West Highland White Terrier

Born on: 01.04.2009 2 f

Elliot Luxardo Star

Goldy Snow Princess of Ribnjak

Gaia Gregorjanska – female

(Ge = earth) Greek goddess; together with Chaos and → Éros she belongs to the first principles of the cosmos. From her are born heaven ( → Uranós) and sea ( → Pontos). Made pregnant by Uranós, she gives birth to the → Titans and the → Cyclops. Her union with the underworld (Tartaros) results in the birth of the monster → Typhón. It was in Attica alone that Gaia was of religious significance. In Homer, she is invoked in oaths along with the sun ( → Hélios). In art, her beneficent fecundity is often symbolized by attributes such as a cornucopia and the fruits of the earth.

Gula Gregorjanska – female

(Sumerian ” the great one”) Old Mesopotamian goddes of healing, wife of → Ninurta. In the old Babylonian period she was equated with → Nin´insina, and the dog was the symbolical animal of both. A Gula temple is described at Uruk. Also Nintinugga.

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