Litter F

West Highland White Terrier

Born on: 06.02.2003 1 m / 2 f

Szasi – Mowe Marcó

Goldy Snow Princess of Ribnjak

Frigg Gregorjanski – male

The Norse god of marital life.

Freya Gregorjanska – female

Freya is one of the most popular of the deities in Asgard. A VANIR goddess, twin sister and/or wife of FREYR, and daughter of NJORD. A goddess of love concerned with affairs of the heart, marriage and prosperity. Much sought after by giants, and reputed to have enjoyed sexual liaisons with many suitors, including gods and elves. She drives achariot pulled by two cats and is said to roam at night in the form of a she-goat. She also rides upon a boar with golden bristles, the Hildeswin. Closely associated with death, according to some legends she received half of those slain in battle. A weeping goddess with tears of gold, symbolized by the boar, she wears a necklace with ritual significance, the Brisingamen. Said to be able to take the shape of a falcon and fly great distances. Associated with aform of witchcraft,seior, involving a seeress and divination. Frigg and Freyja are possibly separate aspects of a single divine principle.

Flora Gregorjanska – female

Roman goddess of growing corn and blossoming flowers, originally worshipped by the Oscans and the Sabines. In Rome, her feast (Floralia) was celebrated from 28 April to the beginning of May. It was an uninhibited and somewhat immoral popular revel; Flora herself was known as meretrix = whore, but the lasciviousness was probably intended to promote fecundity, and has also been interpreted as a vernal counter-thrust against the world of the dead.

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